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A tale of one guy's rocky road toward the Afterlife.

Veronica Davis is a woman with a desperate need.

If she doesn't bring a date to her big sister's wedding, the L for loser that's imprinted on her forehead will become permanent, as far as her family is concerned. And heck, she's started to believe it, herself.

Why else would a girl end up at a Los Angeles escort agency with the strange acronym V.A.M.P. Inc? Where you pick your date from a row of coffins in the agency's basement. Guys who can't meet you at lunch time, due to the fact that they sleep until sundown.

You know . . . . vampires.

And when she meets the unearthly handsome Christian Dale, the agency's odd acronym begins to take on a whole new meaning. Tackling her sister's wedding actually starts to seem like a piece of cake...

From the Author:
Welcome to the world of paranormal dating, where you just never know what will happen or who might turn up. Take Veronica Davis, for instance, and her romp through the perils of choosing someone out of this world to take to a family wedding. Ouch!

This book was so much fun to write, and is dedicated to every woman who has ever dated, whether they remember these dates fondly or not. It's fluffy, "girly" fun. And I've packed this book with loads of good Karma for readers, just in case dating is still in your cards.

Happy reading!

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