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Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

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A lot can happen in just one night . . .

When Rachel figures she can't have the new man in town, and is told that Danny Cole is out of her league, she takes matters into her own hands. Showing up at his door uninvited, and with the intention to do harm in Danny's bedroom, what she finds in this so-called ladies' man is more than she bargained for.

Note from the author:
Just One Night is a novella written on invitation from All Romance eBooks for their super-huge February Valentine month event titled Perfect Strangers. It's my first published non-paranormal short story, and it's 3 flame rated. It's written mostly from Rachel's point of view, and we get right into her head from the get-go. What does she think? What will she do? Will she chicken out?

The inspiration? Surprise, animal-magnetism, a need for one woman to know what actually can happen on a big king-sized bed, and the strange timing of a little thing called Murphy's Law.

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