Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Single Titles » The Boss's Misteltoe Maneuvers

The Boss's Misteltoe Maneuvers Cover Art

Harlequin Desire Series #2339
A Billionaire Boss Workplace Romance

Seduction in a Santa Claus suit?

When millionaire Chaz Monroe goes undercover at the ad agency he bought, he has to figure out why his star employee, Kim McKinley, won't work on the superimportant Christmas campaign. He'll go to any length to get answers from the beautiful go-getter: if he has to kiss them out of her, so be it.

Kim can't believe Chaz's nerve. So why is she always falling into his arms…and into his bed? Soon, this exasperating man unlocks her secrets just in time for a Christmas she'll never forget…and one he may never live down!

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