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Golden Vampire

The Dark Surrender... is the ultimate embrace of everlasting love that can exist between immortals.

Former cop Jesse Stewart, hired by a foreign government to find a senator's missing daughter, finds much more instead -- a centuries old immortal, and a haunting piece of her past.

Once a famous knight, Lance Van Baaren still adheres to an original quest, and has sworn to protect the innocent. But can he allow Jessie to solve her case when it means discovering the truth of her past, and what connects them?

Fictionalromance Reviews:
"Golden Vampire was a delicious treat to read. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom magically found a way to bring love, suspense, passion and danger into one dynamic paranormal story...I couldn't put the book down...This book has it all."

Night Owl Reviews:
"Great vampire romance that will wrap you into a story that you will not want to put down. Tension and tragedy, pain, and unresolved emotions, are a part of this couple's soulful journey... Linda Thomas-Sundstrom has written a thrilling vampire novel."

Immortal Obsession

Can his dark legacy protect her...

Madison Chase, an American newscaster, is in London to follow a missing girls case. But research leads Madison to the discovery of an enclave of ancient vampires that run the London underground, which puts her in danger.

Christopher St. John has lived for centuries, and can't escape the dark legacy that created him. That legacy also makes him a rogue vampire's worst enemy.

His desire for the redhead who digs into the past is forbidden by the oaths he has taken... and as Madison's investigation continues, she must discover if St. John is a trusted Protector--or if she's being seduced by a monster.

Paranormal Romance Guild - WINNER of the Reviewer's Choice awards for paranormal romantic suspense - 5 stars

RT Book Review Magazine - TOP PICK !!
"This book offers a sexy and fascinating hero, an original Blood Knight sworn to protect mankind, and pits him with Madison, a woman who refuses to back down even when her life is on the line. Great reading."

Captured reviews: 5 stars
"Fresh ideas like these help to make Linda Thomas-Sundstrom's book a truly unique read. Well fleshed out characters with combustible chemistry like Christopher St. John and Madison Chase make for another tasty tale in this author's line of books about these gorgeous Blood Knights."

Always Reviewing - 5 stars
"If Linda Thomas-Sundstrom writes a paranormal story, then innovativeness is guaranteed throughout. IMMORTAL OBSESSION is a compelling romance with intriguing scenarios."

HK Reviews - 5 stars
"The latest romantic urban fantasy (see Golden Vampire) is a tense tale of London swinging with dangerous supernaturals. The lead here, like his other knightly predecessors, will mesmerize. Readers will root for courageous Madison to succeed with her endeavor."


Guardian of the Night

An all-consuming desire that is forbidden to indulge, but impossible to ignore....

The Guardian. An immortal with incredible strength, created centuries ago to protect a holy relic and ensure the purity of an immortal bloodline by fighting those who would abuse its power.

As one of the seven Blood Knights, Mason LanVal spent lifetimes honoring his vows without wavering. That all changed the night he found American Faith James, in France to find her missing sister.

Two souls on separate personal missions converge paths in a dark, dangerous forest... and inherent genetic traits can either bring them together, or drive them apart.

CataNetwork reviewers present Linda Thomas-Sundstrom with the prestigious CataRomance Reviewer's award for Guardian of the Night.

Paranormal Romance Guild - 5 stars
"Love this book/series and highly recommend it to anyone who loves vampires, werewolves, and great characters."

Romantic Times Book Reviews - 5 stars
"This well-written, action-packed novel will keep readers entertained from start to finish. A compelling page-turner."

Genre Go Round Reviews:
"The latest romantic urban fantasy is a thrilling entry. Readers will relish this well written thriller as a werewolf and a vampire commit seemingly the worst sin possible by falling in love."

The Romance Reviews: 5 stars
"With its fantastic plot, ancient mysteries, and satisfying ending, those who love paranormal romances are sure to enjoy this latest addition to the Blood Knight Chronicles series."

Immortal Redeemed

Only one woman holds the key to ending a Blood Knight’s eternal life...

Kellan Ladd has lived for centuries as one of the seven Blood Knights designed for a specific quest. Ready to end his long existence, he must seek the ancient soul that can grant him his wish.

McKenna Randall, ER nurse, ex-cop, isn't sure what to make of the sexy Harley riding stranger. She will either have to believe his story about the power of the soul she carries, and help with his wish...or love him in spite of the danger he represents.

Paranormal Romance Guild – 5 stars
“I have one word to describe this… Wow. If you are a lover of paranormal romance then this has it all – romance, sex, vampires, surprises, secrets, and more.”

Canadian reviews – 5 stars
“Kiss. Bed. Naked...Sex. Mystery. Danger. Smile. Eyes. Protection from...vampires. WOW! I was completely blown away by how much I love this story.”

Romantic Times Book Review Magazine: TOP PICK
"Skillful characterization and lively description make this book a must-read!"

Always Reviewing: 5 stars
"The legend behind Galahad is cleverly interwoven into the fascinating paranormal story created by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom...IMMORTAL REDEEMED is truly unforgettable because of its groundbreaking originality."



Bright Star

This Christmas...

Immortal Dylan McCay has vowed to protect the secret origins of his species at all costs—until he meets Savannah, a passionate astronomer on the brink of discovering the elusive Christmas Star….


Library Journal Book Reviews:
"The holidays aren't all carols and candlelight--and immortals aren't all alike--in a refreshing and unconventional spin on the Christmas season."

LASR Book Reviews:
"Bright Star" is a white hot read that you won't want to miss."

CataRomance Reviews:
"Bright Star" is truly imaginative and original . . . There is magic in this enchanting holiday story from Linda Thomas-Sundstrom."




Vampire and slayer... opposites too closely connected for their own good?

Seeing the same face over and over in a century's worth of priceless art brings slayer in waiting Danika Douglas to a specific museum.

She has vowed to kill the immortal she believes is responsible for killing her mother, and finds a worthy opponent in handsome Alexander Kent, the immortal in all those paintings who might or might not be the vampire she seeks.





This version is no longer available. Look for the reissue in 2022.

A fine line between vengeance and desire…

As an immortal Blood Knight, Rhys de Troyes is familiar with quests. It's obvious that the ethereal beauty who just arrived in London is on one of her own. But Avery Arcadia Quinn seems intent on keeping her secrets, even as Rhys strips away all her defenses.

A grounded angel, Avery seeks to recover the wings stolen from her centuries ago when the Knights were created from her suffering and pain. She swore vengeance, but her burning connection with Rhys threatens to consume her anger, her mission…and even her vow to destroy him.

Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK:
"Linda Thomas-Sundstrom pulls readers in with an imaginative take on angels and vampire hunters... taking things to another level that is as refreshing as it is new in concept."

"The originality in ANGEL UNLEASHED makes every scene absolutely spellbinding. From the unique characters to the cleverly conceived plot and its brilliant execution... Linda Thomas-Sundstrom has brought an extraordinary world to life."


This version is no longer available. Look for the reissue in 2022.

Only one woman holds the key to ending a Blood Knight's eternal life…

Immortal Kellan Ladd has spent centuries looking for the one woman who can put an end to his immortality. But that woman has no idea of her monumental task. Or how much this rebel knight's attraction to her will complicate his mission.

The leather-clad, Harley-riding stranger was the sexiest man McKenna Randall had ever met. From the minute they touched, she knew they were connected.

Now she's about to find out just how tightly bound they are when they must go head-to-head with a nest of deadly vampires…

Romantic Times Book Reviews:

"... skillful characterization and lively description make this book a must-read!"


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