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Guest Blog Post
"Selling your soul to the
Dark Side - Job opportunity"

Examiner Arts Interview
Terry Ambrose - November 2, 2013

New Series
"Dark vs. Light"

Trapped in Stone
The forces of Good and Evil are vying for the soul
of one man on top of Notre Dame Cathedral. A woman who loves him has vowed to change his fate . . .

Her lover's soul is at stake . . . She has vowed to change his fate.

Tristan is trapped in a grotesque stone form on Notre Dame Cathedral's Galley of Chimeras for 364 days a year, only to be freed on the 365th. He has only one night to breathe again, regain his human shape, and find a replacement for himself from the busy night-time streets of Paris. But there are obstacles - some of them his dark neighbors on that rooftop. Some are worse than that. And then there is Izzy, the woman he loves, and who has stood beside him, awaiting his very few hours of freedom. Will Tristan make it this year? How many times has he failed? Time has stood still for Tristan, but how long will his lover wait for him, confusing both sides of the Afterlife in what is actually a masterminded battle for his soul . . . and hers?

Romantic Times Book Reviews:
"Linda Thomas-Sundstrom's well-written, action-packed stories will keep readers entertained from start to finish."

Amazon Reviewer TBrown:
"Trapped in Stone is a favorite... It has an intriguing storyline, very strong characters that you feel for, and a surprise ending. Linda hit it with this one."

Nancy Holder - New York Times best-selling author of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series:
"Trapped in Stone trapped me!"

Hot Holiday
The Dark Side has put a hit out on Santa Claus and sent a Recruiter named Wanda to seal the deal. But she has to get past Santa's surprisingly heavenly bodyguard . . .

Amazon Reviewer TBrown:
"Linda Thomas-Sundstrom hits it again... This Dark vs Light story has characters that grab you, a wonderfully serious/smiley plot, and a surprisingly quirky ending that made me smile along..."

Single Title Reviews:
"What an enchanting story! HOT HOLIDAY is delightfully entertaining all the way through."

Dear reader,
Welcome to my new series of urban fantasy novels and novellas under the heading: Dark vs Light.
It's not my usual vampires, immortals, and werewolves, but something more . . . Another layer of the fabric of the world that caught my attention and has taken wing. Some of these tales are dark, and others are quirky. Two of them first appeared in GothicScapes anthologies.
I hope you'll come along on this new adventure, and then come back again in the future for more tales about strange spirits. Fingers are crossed that you will.

Cheers for now, and good Karma to all.

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